Worst location ever. The end goal: get people without homes out of the public eye, away from business interests, etc. why not the convention center?
Build It (or Supply It) and They Will Come.
From all over the US.
There seems to be a lot of space at the top of Mt. Hood. Beautiful views and fresh air too!
I second Mrs. Dyer's insight; he does not care to listen to what the homeless actually need, want, or would even go for. He does not care what the local middle class neighbors think about a place like that being in their hood. All he cares about is a select few business leaders agenda of clearing out hobos from downtown. He does not care if he has to herd them like rats to do so. He does not care if he depletes every dime of you tax dollars doing it. And he does not care to take the time to slow down and see how people feel about it.

..It's already in the bag P-town. Roll over and take it like a grown up sex slave because you should be used to being used like this by now. Thanks for funding the Hales initiative.
Does he even acknowledge that many homeless in Portland would actually prefer being outside to being treated like a prisoner (it is what missions do.)

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