Portland really does need someone skilled in "civil enforcement" because our enforcement of anything is basically nil. See lobbying laws, see Uber's failure to abide by regulations, see Airbnb's refusal to abide by regulations, see our permitting departments fail to effectively enforce demolition, etc. Interested to hear more.
Since he must know he hasn't a snowballs chance in hell at winning, I would think this is more a shot at appearing credible as a Lawyer and a future political run.
BS in philosophy, BA in Music, and a law degree. So, with no marketable skills, he figures public service is the only answer.

Come on, you know you were thinking it too!
His platform offers only vague platitudes. He fails to detail how to accomplish any objectives.

For instance, he laments police brutality and ignores the fact that it's the militarization of police through the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which arms police with military surplus, including tanks and bazookas, and trains police to mistreat civilians as if enemies of the State.

The solution is to eliminate the Portland Police Department completely and kick the JTTF out of Portland. The savings of tax revenues ought to be used to arm the poor, and provide civilian training for all interested citizens for a volunteer deputized posse department. Training might well be from a Japanese police academy.

No current or former police officers should be allowed to participate as volunteer deputies, because they have been hopelessly brainwashed by Fascist propaganda.
Homelessness isn't solved by providing homes, according to cultural anthropologist, Corwin McAllister.

What's needed is to quick tormenting the poor who sleep outside, and offer nominally expensive support services, such as storage lockers to stow tents and gear during the day, while tolerating camping in public parks at night. Public restrooms ought to be open 24 hours per day, with hot showers, and custodial attendants. School gymnasiums could be opened at night for people to sleep on the floor, and take showers. Police could stand guard to see that everyone sleeps safely instead of tracking down the homeless and beating them up every night.

Beyond that, ending homelessness entails an individualized approach. Everyone has their own unique issues, be it unemployment, lack of education and training, substance abuse, physical challenges, and mental illness.
Affordable housing would result by a greater supply of houses on the market. Banks that were bailed out by tax payers are deliberately withholding foreclosed realty in order to keep values high. Force auctions to liquidate those properties.
The World economy is in a deep recession fueling deflation. There will be fewer and fewer jobs for anyone, irrespective of minimum wage. What's needed is more local self sufficiency. Community gardens, and skilled crafts. Stop shopping Walmart and start making shoes. Barter your shoes for hand knit sweaters.

This will result in lower taxes and less tax revenues. Start more charter schools and education will improve as overpaid union teachers fade away.

There will be no more growth. Roads will become less traveled. Sustainability will therefore be more attainable.
JKM- has anyone ever told you you're nuts?
The Fella Who Couldn't Wait For Christmas
In answer to your question frankieb, yes, dozens of times.

I think the beating he took at the hands of PSU campus police left him with some serious brain damage. His moniker changes constantly, but he continues to spout the same ol' drivel.
"His moniker changes constantly, but he continues to spout the same ol' drivel"

Kind of like Rick Stevens, yes?

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