News Nov 18, 2015 at 4:00 am

A Portland Team Is Pioneering Its Addition to US Skylines


The current tallest wood building in North America (completed last year using the aforementioned Cross-Laminated Timber and Laminated Strand Lumber), is the Wood Innovation and Design Centre in Prince George, British Columbia, and it's only eight stories high. This project seems...ambitious, to put it nicely.
But what about the TREES? Have you no feelings for these poor creatures?

But seriously, I'd bet on a steel and concrete structure during a fire than a wooden one any day. And if a fire is hot enough to melt steel, you can damn well bet that it would put those wooden beams to cinder in no time.
" real estate development firm Project^ "

WTF is ^ ? Seriously, how is someone supposed to pronounce that? Project arrow? Project up? Project carrot? Project insert next word here?
What??? Where exactly is this wood coming from????? Are flora/fauna being destroyed when all this wood is cut down? When you call trees "timber" that usually indicates raping of forests/flora/fauna.

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