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And Recent History Suggests It'll Probably Get It


Tax 'em!
There are thousands and thousands of religious schools and only 27 with exemptions, wonder why?
Funny thought; discriminating based on sexual orientation when your the school that is producing the pastors that preach the religion sort of monopolizes the religion to suit your particular version of it, i.e. the christians who don't have a problem with it are getting thrown under the bus and stomped on- that is not freedom of religion.

the second picture to pop up reveals they are also a school for special people.
Cut off all fed and state funding.
How are these Christian colleges any different than the hardcore madras in Pak?
A sad moment for Bettie Page's alma mater.
Good click-bait, but somewhat sensational and misleading.

Private schools like Multnomah do not receive state or federal funding. Students receive federal funding and they can use it at accredited institutions like Multnomah.

The reason for the rash of requests is the Obama administration made a vague change to how it will enforce Title IX. These schools aren't changing their beliefs or policies, they are protecting themselves from potential government intrusion on an issue where they have religious beliefs.

Our country has a long history of providing accommodation for religious belief (think conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War). This is what happens in a free country. No one is forced to go to a religious school.
Valid point lazaar. The main difference is that the media won't touch the madras, but they will jump all over this story.
Plug in "race" for "transgender" and then try to excuse Multnomah University's actions. Religious bigotry does not trump anti-discriminatory laws.
God IS transgender!!! LOL
Philips: I have no such knowledge of who you are speaking about and am a current student there.
In the Bible, there are numerous times where Christ said do not judge, do not treat anyone different for any reason, be kind, spread the spirit, etc. These false Christians don't stand for Christianity, they stand with Demons whispering their curses at them. Their ears are only open to fear, yet Christ said "Do not fear" many times. They feel that somehow one sin is worse than another. I don't believe that it is sin, but we all sin differently and Christ doesn't call the cleansed, He cleans the called. All who place feet on the Earth fall short of the glory of God. The full wrath of God awaits those who defy His word. Let us not forget that Saul was upset for his son, Jonathon's feelings toward David and David's feelings in return to Jonathon, how Saul tried to separate them, then eventually began trying to give a daughter to David, which David only accepted after Jonathon's death. (The books of Samuel). God gave David the throne, even being gay or bisexual.
Maybe if the straight conservatives want to quit having LGBT people in the world, they should quit giving birth to us. Until that happens, WE DEMAND EQUALITY OR DECREDITATION! I hope Oregon tells them to pack up and get out of the state.
John 1, but you will agree that sharia law and Christ's laws are eerily similar, no?
Bettie Page's obit from Multnomah U:
Fire the staff and get some more open minded accepting people to do it. I don't like the idea of teaching kids that discrimination is worth fighting for
John 1, President Williford and the Dean of Students knows about the person I was referring to. The incident happened before the student attended MU so maybe they didn't have grounds for expulsion.
Rally tomorrow against discrimination in front of Multnomah University
I graduated from Multnomah in 1996. I was confused about my sexual orientation and wasn't out to myself or anyone at the University. I am how married to a man and very happy. My primary identity is as a Christian man as is my husband's. We go to a congregation that is part of a national denomination that is conservative. Our church is more moderate and has welcomed us with loving and open arms. If it hadn't we would have continued our search. It is Multnomah's right to set their own rules. There are plenty of schools to choose from. You have no right to cram your agenda down this great University's throat.
This is a theological school. Any person who attends this school must agree with its theology. That is the distinction the school makes for all of it's students. Reporting that the school is discriminating against transgender students is akin to reporting that it is discriminating against Jewish students or Budhist students or students who do not believe in the Triune Godhead. Though Transgender is not a religion it is also not a type of gender. Male's are not denied admission to the school and neither are females. That would be gender discrimination. What the school IS making a selective choice for admission on is whether or not a person verbally and through action lives out a life that is in line with the theology of the school. So if you want to say they are discriminating based on morals, attitudes, beliefs, that is understandable but not on gender.

Another way of thinking of it is.., The school's #1 priority is to align with the will of God. By action and stated belief, some people are choosing/have chosen Not to align with the will of God. This is a discrimination against God and the school cannot support that.
This past Summer, a couple of states tried to undo civil rights laws by using religion as a trump card against them. When the Right fails at one level, they move to a smaller battle and try to win in increments -- we've seen it a lot at the state level, with abortion rights and union busting. MU is a small religious school most people don't care about enough to protest. But this waiver from Title IX anti-discrimination laws so that it can enforce its bigoted "purity policy" while still receiving its $1.1 million in federal funding is a foot in the door precedent for Right-wing extremism to creep into Oregon and other states. Thanks for exposing this -- sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Revoke their accreditation. They have a state accredited psychology program. This kind of behavior is incompatible with that.
Where in the Bible does it say that it is a sin to be transgender? I'm so sick of explaining to idiots that gender identity is seperate from sexual orientation. If these students are willing to follow the whole "no inappropriate sexual behavior" model then why should it matter how they dress or identify?
It's a shame Multnomah is so opposed to the teachings of Christ! As someone else said, replace "race" with "sex" discrimination and try to excuse it based on religion, and you know what happens? Bob Jones University lost its tax-exempt status. Hmmm, maybe that would be a good trade. Go ahead and exempt these bigoted schools and let them keep getting their federal aid money--but tax all of their money and their property.
someone needs to edit their Wikipedia page...
Hey basicrights should plant a transgender and sue before they can get the exclusion.
They probably want to avoid having to deal with these degenerate radicals once they get in. The school is clearly being targeted, this article being one of a series of attacks. They're looking out for their own and are trying to protect themselves from these "loving" people. Hey, faggots, get your own schools and stop picking on everyone else's.

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