I caught norovirus last Christmas and have never felt closer to death. "Stay hydrated" for most illnesses is just one of those useful tips. For norovirus, it's a matter of life or death. It is very difficult to stay hydrated when even water can send your stomach further into ruin.

So my condolences.
Ohhhhh. I had The Mighty Noro February of 2014. 8 hours of straight puking and I passed out against our brick wall from the gastrointestinal distress. I seriously have the scars to show for it.
It was Frozen taquitos: My darling and I ate it and got sick, Kids didn't eat them and were fine. It took me down for FIVE days and messed me up for 2 weeks. Second time I've had it, once in 2008. Don't know how to protect against it. I hep you don't get it.

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