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For Mayor, the More the Merrier


Thanks for this write up.
Full video prior to the audience questions, an hour and ten minutes:
Yes! Why have all the major candidate forums decided that it's okay to shut out all but two most well connected candidates? Shame on Wheeler and Bailey for accepting invites to public forums that exclude others.
I am co-organizing a public letter to the Oregonian newspaper's management, letting them know in no uncertain terms that We the People of Portland insist that they invite all six mayoral candidates to their upcoming "debate" on February 29 or expect to have their event cancelled by a mobilized citizenry who is sick and tired of corporate media deciding FOR us who the serious candidates are. If we are to reclaim our society from large corporations, which is certainly the work that Bernie Sanders is so successfully putting forward as Priority #1, the same is certainly true here, where OUR daily newspaper corporation is claiming that two mayoral candidates are the "leading candidates". Based on what? How rich they are? How many of the Portland ruling elite are supporting them? Enough already. I urge anyone reading this who wishes to join our quickly-being-organized campaign to contact me ASAP for more info - Paul Cienfuegos - Thanks!
To exclude any candidate who has registered for the elected office is just sad. Bailey and Wheeler have a chance to show some style by saying no to forums that will not include all the candidates.
Write in the Blazers' mascot hippy, Mike Scheckla. He'll do for the city what he's done for the team!

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