Things are starting to make more sense.
If you think this is an isolated incident at ODEQ, you would be wrong. When Fred Hansen, lately of TriMet, was ODEQ Director in the 90s, the main thrust of almost all of ODEQ's programs was to cooperate with Associated Oregon Industries, and try to achieve 'voluntary compliance' from AOI members. No inspections or enforcement actions were ever conducted without first giving ample warning to the permittee that ODEQ would be conducting them.

Unfortunately, the brunt of ODEQ's enforcement powers have always come down on smaller companies like Bullseye (not making excuses for the glassmakers here, who clearly should have known better and done the right thing from the start), while the biggest polluters continue to get away with their environmental transgressions due to their size and power.

To this very day, the ODEQ Cleanup program charges polluters by the hour for their cleanup oversight, essentially acting as a consultant to the polluters, resulting in a way-too-cozy relationship with the polluters they are supposed to be regulating.
When I read this article I laughed out loud. Ginsburg an industry shill? Are you freaking kidding me? You seriously wrote that with a straight face? That's hillarious. If you knew the guy you'd know it too. Spend 5 minutes with the guy and it's obvious.

Hello? Burning Man?

This is like saying Bernie Sanders might be a closet KKK member because he visited a cemetery in Georgia.

Good one Mercury. Good one. Except it's March, not April. No foolin.

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