News Mar 2, 2016 at 4:00 am

And That Might Mean One Less Sweet Swimming Spot


Wait, people actually fucking swim in that toxic sludge?
heck yeah! screw the Portland natives. Lets turn this soggy palace inside out and into a pasty pale decrepit version of NY. Why? BECAUSE PORTLANDERS NEED A F***G JOB (other than operating vegan food carts and driving for uber).
Please don't move my dock!!
I live in the neighborhood and have made a weekend routine out of walking my kayak from my city apartment, across MLK, and down to the KJD dock. We call it "urban kayaking."
It's the only dock close by with ramp access. And without a car it's my only access to the water. Kayaking on the willamette has brought us so many fond memories and great laughs. For urban kayakers like me, please don't take our dock away :(

Jane Favret

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