Oh right, because that's a fucking solution. Let's not solve the problem or anything! Portland is always NIMBY about these problems whether it be homeless people in your precious neighborhoods or air quality in Middle Class enclaves. You don't give a shit about poor people. No news there.

'[...] The city awards bus tickets to homeless people if they can prove they have a place to stay, they remain sober during travel, and are "medically stable enough to travel unassisted to the destination."'

The intent, apparently, is to get people back to folks who can provide shelter and aid for them -- "prove they have a place to stay" and all that. That sounds like a reasonable solution to me. (On a triage level, at least. Solving the poverty that leads to homelessness is a national issue.)
I like Salt Lake City's "Housing First" model better. This has such a possibility of slipping into Cheyenne, Wyoming's old model of "send them to somewhere else" fund (imagining Cheyenne wasn't alone). . . Nice idea that these folks have a support system who want them back and will actually "step up". Not my experience.
I just want some numbers to back up the term "crisis". how long has the estimated population been around 4,000? Has it gone up at all?
And I also would like to hear them justify why homeless needs to be "solved". I don't do drugs just go to school and work, and I plan on cleaning up after the tweakers this weekend. I like my campsite. It is just a different way of life which contrast to theirs, thus they feel a need to "solve" it which means big trouble for me!!
There are 1,300 homes and condos in Detroit, MI for sale at $50,000 or less. Portland could use the millions set aside for the homeless and provide houses for the homeless. Migration is a normal part of life. People go to where they can afford to live. This is an opportunity to benefit two communities. Portland where we have too many people with too few houses and Detroit where they have too few people and too many houses.
Every time the police bust me for sleeping on dogshit in the park, the first thing they ask is if Portland paid my airfare.
Honolulu mayor, the deceased, Robin Williams, impersonator, Kuirk Cluckwell, is sucking up to Utah's homeless czar. After the election, it's back to plan A, rounding up the homeless and confining them to Sand Island concentration camp. a toxic waste dump and sewage treatment facility.
This is disgusting, way to pass the problem on to others instead of doing your part to help the poorest and most vulnerable members of your community. This attitude makes me sick.
Hey, it's a free bus ticket. Even poor folk like to travel. When they get to where they're going and are ready to leave, where ever it is they're at, that place will pay their fare back to Portland. No problemo.
Honolulu makes you sign promising not to return to Havvai'i, but that's unconstitutional, so no sweat.
$30k isn't really a lot of money so it's possible that this really is a fund for use in a small set of conditions, or it's possible that as a cis gay white male home owner I'm just a naïve pawn in an overly elaborate scheme to ______ (forgive me for not having a clear sense of what this scheme does, like I said, naïve). Does the bus go to Sand Island? That sounds like a long drive. I hope that road is better maintained than Portland city streets (at least we have that shiny new street car).
Sand Island, only one road in and the same road out. You could swim to shore if you don't mind the sewage discharge. There is likely to be a guard post with gate, where you have to show a pass to come and go. If the court makes a plea deal or probation, for being busted too many times, for sleeping on dogshit in the park, then the guests will have to stay confined on Sand Island.
The US government has reprimanded Havvai'i for not utilizing Federal grants disbursed several years ago for the benefit of homeless. The good old boys have probably borrowed the funds, and speculated with them on oil futures. Now, they are shitting their pants over how to put the money back before they get audited.
A majority of deceased voters elected the mayor who is building light rail against the will of the people. He has squeezed every penny from transportation to pay for it, cutting bus service in half. Now, you wait a long time to ride in an over crowded sardine can.
The Havvai'i Supreme Court ruled a few years ago, that it's unconstitutional to prohibit people from camping on State land. The Mayor and Governor ignore that, however, and continue to persecute the homeless.

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