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Here's What They'll Probably Look Like


I respect the commitment of Willamette Riverkeepers, but dredging is not necessarily the most environmentally friendly option. Turbulence caused by dredging can disperse sediment downriver, and in this case the sediment is laced with PCB's and DDT. This is one of the reasons why environmentalists were against deepening the Columbia shipping channel. Even though it may seem irresponsible to leave the pollutants where they are, it could be that capping with a constructed system or natural sedimentation is both the least impactful and cheaper option.
The river actually got clean for several years, back in the late, '80s.
After that, the population boomed, and the secret, midnight, sewage discharge campaign, began.
We need to stop mixing human waste with water. Composting systems are the solution.
Composting toilets in every home, and restroom, will doo.
It's too, bad, this new WYSIWYG format doesn't have an editing feature, so I wouldn't continually be adding posts.

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