At some point one of these firetraps is going to burn to the ground killing a bunch of these bums and if the city keeps allowing them on city land they are going to get sued.
Econoline, your comment shines a bright spotlight on the barbarity of your ethical priorities.
@dave we have fire codes for a reason. There have been a rash of fires in homeless camps this year and the fire department is saying that most of them have been started intentionally by the people in the camps. They are a disaster waiting to happen, fire, close quarters, nylon tents, and drug and alcohol abuse don't mix well.
Even in biblical times there were street people, prostitutes and beggars the only one who succeeded in getting rid of them was Hitler. How we treat these people will define us.
@econoline People like you are what's wrong with this country. Do you feel no compassion for your fellow man? You're parents clearly failed you. : /
Who knew that the right way to feel compassion for people was to encourage them to live in a way that will probably lead to them dying in a horrible fire, good to know. These tent cities are as much a danger to them as the surrounding communities.
This is emergency shelter for women who are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.
Interesting that a Mayoral candidiate would act without authority and also cooperate with the
serial-disrupter Sarah Long. Not that Mayor Iannarone will happen, but would she ignore
all Portland's ordinances etc. every time something doesn't go her way? Ianaarone is obvioulsy desperate and is making a fool of herself. Cf. her assertions that she will, as Mayor, overrrule state laws against rent control.
Interesting that the focus is on building a shelter and not catching the filth that's perpetrating the crimes against these women. If they're being perpetually violated, maybe the police could try that age old technique known as surveillance?

And for those of you bashing econoline, please know that your little comments about compassion serve only to make yourselves feel better and do nothing for the people you appear to be so concerned about. We'll see how quickly that compassion fades when these camps are in your backyard.
As in post-Katrina New Orleans, when the government fails people of conscience step up. 80% of all emergency aid comes from friends, family & strangers, not insurance companies or government agencies. I applaud this effort.
Think of it as compassionate confiscation Jarhead.
I was a victim of a kidnapping and Gang rape in Los Angeles in 2001. I was Homeless. After I went thru the rape kit, and dealt with the police, they dumped me on Skid row.
The shelter was full, but a kind social worker took me to her home and helped me get back on my feet.
I cannot for one minute fathom how awful it is to be treated so poorly by the City of Portland when your a survivor of Rape.
All the rotten comments make my stomach turn.
What if it was your mom, your daughter, or a friend who was just trying to find a safe place to lay there head.
Just being raped is horrific in itself, let alone desperately trying to feel safe. I am publicly stating right now that I am truly ashamed of how these women are being treated. I would like to help in anyway I can. I live two hours away from Portland, but would like to offer any assistance I can.
I hope and pray none of you complainers ever end up in a situation such as these brave rape victims.

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