You know what else is disgraceful? The fact that the Mercury hasn't reported that the leader of the PSU Students for Trump group is a white nationalist.
I sincerely hope that this ludicrous false equivalency isn't why the Mercury refuses to report on this. To compare outright fascists, who are promoting the forced removal of non-white people from this country, to BLM, which is a (mostly reformist) response to racist violence - well that's only believable if you're one of those racist dimwits who think "reverse racism is the real problem." There is absolutely no equivalency. These creeps idolize a dictator who threw leftists out of helicopters, in a reign of terror required to install a brutal form of capitalism. If the Mercury doesn't give a shit about the threat they pose to people of color, maybe you should at least worry about the threat they pose to you if they're successful at advancing their agenda. These creeps, at a very minimum, are literally nazi sympathizers, that's not a hyperbolic insult here. So fuck you for comparing them to BLM, you racist piece of shit.
"I'm not racist. It's only black people I don't like. Check out my non-white relative!"

-Jarhead, apparently.

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