After months of searching, Commissioner Dan Saltzman's finally decided on a new fire chief. He's tapped a guy named Mike Myers, who spent more than 25 years as a Las Vegas firefighter and chief, and who enjoys kissing enough, apparently, to document it in blog, book, cartoon, and podcast form.

At least he used to.

Search out Myers online, and you'll find this 2014 post from a travel blog called the Fighting Couple, which profiled Myers' and his wife Tara's love of kissing passionately in public.


"Their self proclaimed mission is to live big and kiss often," the post says, before launching into a detailed examination. Turns out Myers and his wife, both divorcees, were married in San Francisco in 2012. "There were no guests, just a very special female Buddhist monk they met on Facebook and her student..."

And more: "It started on Capitol Hill. Couples posed rigidly. Tara and Mike kissed passionately. At the White House. The Washington Monument. The Smithsonian. People clapped. Giggled. Snapped away. Even a 7 year old."

About that cartoon....

Also, the couple apparently wrote a book called Pink Chair No Underwear: Our Big Bold Love Story.

But it seems Myers' fire for kissing has... extinguished a bit of late. The Kissing Tour's website is down. Its Twitter account and Instagram and Facebook pages are kaput. When you're this kiss-crazy, though, the Internet tends to remember. There are archives, and old podcasts, and LOTS of kissing pictures.


Myers' fire fighting history is much less interesting. He retired as Vegas's fire chief in 2013, when his well-smooched wife got a job in Chicago. In that position, he struggled at times with the firefighters union, news reports suggest, but was well regarded by city managers. He then took a job as a fire chief and emergency manager in suburban St. Louis.

He'll be paid $180,000 in his new role, which begins June 30. But what does money mean to a man so rich in kisses?