News Jul 27, 2016 at 4:00 am

Once Again, a Prominent Developer Is Swaying the Homelessness Discussion


The bureaus within city council arguing is not the biggest problem here. Dumping 1400 residents on an existing neighborhood that is one block from the proposed site is...particularly when no one has had a single conversation with us about this project.

It's as though city council has forgotten about the residents and businesses already in this area, or worse, that they don't care.
Let me guess - we'd not be invited to this conversation? If your one of those local developers like Tom Cody then you've been there with your doors open probably less than a year if your even open yet. But that land has a history for the lower classes of Portland and your newly arrived condo dwellers are not the only perspective with weight. You own your property not the planet. Capitalism grants you the freedom to pursue your interests not to stop others from pursuing theirs. You chose to develop right next to a central area for homeless, and ohh my what a shocker!! Someone is trying to move them next door.

And the council or you business owners did not care when we were swept like rats three years ago - in fact you (or at least a few in the PBA pretending to speak on your behalf) were the ones to incite it. Homelessness has been a cluster f*** and miserable s**** storm for everyone ever since. It is exausting running around the circuit from place to place, standing in different lines, constantly starting over where you grow roots, safety, and community, and carrying everything you own with you when you do it. Centralization could be a positive thing for both sides as people clean up and shape up when given accessible space free of time limits to do so.

And I get a kick out of the fact that it is a big time developer doing it to you. Two things you don't mess with in that area; homeless people and stepping on Dame and Williams turf.

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