It's like America's War on Terror - an emergency every year, that will continue to be renewed every year!

Emergency is the new normal. Wheeee!!!!
Nick Fish and the rest of the Mayor's Council Supervisors, especially Housing Supe Dan Saltzman should've been reading George Orwell's between-the-wars UK & Europe memoir of seeking employment on a wrecked island and a 'continent' in ruins titled: DOWN AND OUT IN PARIS AND LONDON. The system of armories to house migrating hordes of job-seekers was what happens when a NATIONAL EMERGENCY is declared. Washington under both parties governed by the same Neo-Liberal E-CON policies hasn't even declared HOMELESSNESS and RENTERS EMERGENCIES a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT!

Now, imagine instead of MARKET FORCES causing U.S. and foreclosed families to be seeking shelter under bridges and in septic systems as the MERCURY's News Editor Dirk Vanderhart so poignantly reported a couple of winters back in the classic piece of journalism tagging along with a census taker seeking to count the homeless beyond what our shelters can hold, A SOMBER CENSUS, imagine ISLAMIST FORCES caused U.S. such damage. Think we'd get some palettes of cash dropped from Hercules Transport jets like U.S. Forces dropped on Iraq to lubricate the invasion of 2003? Think the Corps of Engineers would've been building U.S. some armories and housing for our "internally displaced"? It's all semantics.

Here's the Empire City reporting on how well it locally handles their post-MARKET RATE building boom HOMELESS EMERGENCY:…

When Neo-Liberal Oligarch and former GOP now INDIE Mayor Mike Bloomberg waived the consecutive term limits for Mayor of Empire City and stood for a third consecutive term, that term Neo-Liberal E-CON that both parties of our Political Duopoloy pledge loyalty to was illustrated in another classic piece of long-form journalism published by Andrew Rice in NEW YORK MAGAZINE (c) December 1, 2013 revealingly headlined and sub-headed for easy cut and paste search online:
"Why Run a Slum If You Can Make More Money Housing the Homeless?
"One notorious real-estate family has converted its run-down buildings into for-profit shelters, paid for by the city. The going rent per cubicle: $3,600 a month."

Canadian journalist Naomi Klein, rarely invited onto corporate-captured news broadcasts might simplify the Neo-Liberal E-CON formula this way:

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