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Kenneth Huey

You may have missed the intense drama yesterday, as protesters disrupted a Portland City Council meeting that was set to discuss the controversial new police union contract, leading to a City Hall shut down. It was pretty intense, and news editor Dirk VanderHart has the details.

Here's Dirk's story on the the controversial police body camera plan that also has many people upset:

“From my perspective, this current version of the policy would set back oversight,” says Constantin Severe, director of the city’s Independent Police Review, which investigates citizen complaints against cops. Severe’s boss, City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero, voiced similar concerns in an October 3 memo to city council members.

Out in print and online yesterday, check out this week's Mercury feature story on the history of how Oregon has dealt with mental illness. It's an interesting read.

A Portland methadone clinic is under investigation by state health officials and the DEA. Here are the details:

In an affidavit for that search warrant obtained by the Mercury, the DEA says RAM Clinic went without a doctor on staff for a month last winter after its medical director’s license was suspended while he went to rehab for his own addiction. The agency claims that non-physician staff changed methadone dosages for its patients during that time, that there were “fraudulent” methadone order forms and “suspicious” distribution of the meds, and that the owner’s daughter—who was convicted of felony drug tampering and identity theft while working at the clinic nearly a decade ago—is still the clinic’s IT technician and has access to the drugs.

The Oregonian's story on the suspected murder-suicide in Beaverton. A guy apparently shot and killed his 6-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter before killing himself.

KGW has a bad story called "Tips for talking to your child about the scary clown frenzy." A real paragraph in a serious article about this dumb trend: "Ramirez also says that many fears are exacerbated by the media, including the scary clown trend. She recommends taking extra care to police your child’s media intake, including screen time."

No more homecoming kings or queens at Hillsboro High School, the Oregonian reports:

But Duran said the main case for doing away with the court, made by senior class president Jennifer Mendez and student government adviser Sarah Cole, was that the titles of king and queen were too restrictive for students whose gender identity might be more fluid than fits the titles of king and queen. Duran said opposition from students and families who experienced loss at the ballot box when students chose past kings and queens also played a role. He said the elected student government members considered the issue for perhaps 20 minutes in early September then voted approximately 30-20 in favor of ending the court and royalty.

Washington high school football teams keep forfeiting games against Archbishop Murphy in Everett, because they're too good.

A minor leaguer in the Houston Astros system doesn't think a "lady" should be announcing baseball games on ESPN. Don't be like this minor leaguer in the Houston Astros system.