Are you kidding me? For $850k, the city couldn't find a piece of real estate and buy it for R2D? Hell, for that much, they can have my house. Our elected officials' utter inability to deal with anything related to development or homelessness with the barest modicum of competence has transcended frustrating and is beginning to look like some kind of demented performance art.

60 seconds of Googling tells me there's a house in Gresham on sale right now for $600k at 2246 NE 205th Ave,Fairview, OR 97024. It's on two acres. TWO FRIGGING ACRES. It's a one-hour trip on transit to downtown Portland. Buy the damn thing and spend the $250k to subsidize transit costs. Oh, did I mention there's a 5,000 square foot house on this lot? But apparently Amanda would rather have R2D2 on a patch of asphalt in SE Industrial...

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