Fuck those cowards on the City Council.
Well then fuck off ODOT. Can't criminalize me if you got not options. And TPI/ Central city are fucking slavemasters. Of course the nazi Fish and human traficking agent Fritz would feel more comfortable if we all were institutionalized and disrespected the way people are in those places. For what? For 50 plastic chairs to 'serve' 4,000 people?

To hell with you Saltzman. You know as well as I do you got no 'other options'. It would not even be an emergency if you sick bastards did not get off on using homeless as target practice.
And Mark Jolin's word is about as good as his stick figure presentations at city meetings.
It's going to be a massive car park, unfortunately, so bikes can be safer on downtown streets. Watch.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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