News Oct 26, 2016 at 4:00 am

City Employees Have Questions About the Police Union Contract, Too


As an employee, would you really invest in what some lame-ass, er, lame-duck, incompetent mayor was spinning to you in an obvious attempt at damage control, lest he get outed by underlings? Shades of O'Dea. Doubt his 3rd chief is long for the job either after the human rights atrocities of Oct 12. I witnessed the street action portion of the police riot on my way home from jury duty and there were dozens of wounded lying on both sidewalks and in the street being denied aid. Cops were pepper-spraying unarmed citizens at point-blank range and broke an elderly gentleman's arm. Not much of a testament to "restraint" is it? You can sell it to the uninformed motorists who just want to drive without interruption, but it's a hard sell to a judge. (I had to file witness testimony with IPR & DOJ far.... with photographs I took of the wounded going untended...) Lawsuits and investigations are flying at Hales from every direction. This mayor has been a disaster of historical proportion... and that's just as Police Commissioner (like the KKKruger settlement he signed without reading)! Don't get me started about his diversity boondoggles and the already cracked & radon-ridden underground reservoirs.

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