It is our right. It accomplishes being an American and exercising the right to peacefully protest. It will continue. It will grow. Just wait. We aren't going to lie down and take it. This is just the beginning.
Perhaps this will lead to a conversation about Electoral College vs the Popular Vote. Personally, I'm ready to remove the Electoral College.
Even the cops are on George Soros Pay Roll.
Hope none of you Trumpanzees have elderly or disabled family. Their Social Security and Medicare (as well as Medicaid) will be the first things to go. Employed by a hospital, or medical organization? Sorry. Medicare funded that. Any Doctors or Nurses in your ranks? Ever NEED one? Yeah, gone, since not only the pay, but a good chunk of the education for those jobs is provided by Medicare. I guess you can take consolation in the fact that Pence plans to do away with any laws that don't fit the Evangelical agenda, so you can always go to a faith healer.
39% of Americans are employed by hospitals. Your Cheeto Lord is going to "create all Teh Jobz"? Okay.
Burning flags!! Being violent!!! Screaming profanities!!! Tagging public property with foul anti America sayings!!! Refusing to allow other people's right to an opinion!!! Supporting communism!!! Yeaaaaa Trumps the bad guy... Idiots and hypocrites! Why does no one speak up about Bill Clinton sexually harassing and assaulting women and using his power to do it and get away with it, screwing a young intern with a cigar!! Yet you have no problem voting for his wife who obviously condones his behavior by staying with him...Hypocrites!!
We need to rally for Trump and get out to these protests to show support and back up our right to vote!
If you burn a flag it's illegal and our police need to arrest these people, if they hate America then they should leave or someone should make them!
There's a huge difference between protesting and the rioting that's going on now.
How embarrassing you all are for us real Americans!
How ridiculous. Let's take a breather and see how this actually plays out. The silly crap that one has to say to wind the GOP primary is one thing, actual policies and action is another. Let's not forget that Trump used to be a democrat, and actually has publicly stated that his core beliefs are pretty middle of the road. I think his fans who flocked to him based on the "wall" comments, or anti muslim terrorist comments, etc. etc. are going to be pretty dissapointed.
Wow so many got off WORK early?? Oh, wait, these people were obviously NOT in the WORK commute.
So, pissing off and inconveniencing THOUSANDS is going to build sympathy for your "Cause" (see also, sore loser complaining)?
So causing more WORK for the middle class blue collar workers that have to take time to clean your mess, litter, VANDALISM is going to HELP??

F*** you selfish little shits. I am NOT a Trump supporter, but you know what I DO support, my fellow commuters being able to get home as smoothly and safely as they can, not causing people to miss dinner or be charged late fees at day care etc.
Trump won, you are OBVIOUSLY outnumbered in your OPINIONS of who should have won, now get over it and go back to WORK like the rest of us. Or in most cases , go back to your school "safe zones" and wheep where no one will say anything to make you SAD.
These people are protesting the the wrong target. They need to be protesting The Democratic National Committee and the liberal media outlets like The Washington Post. Maybe they'll get around to it eventually. If you wanna be mad, be mad at the ones who REALLY took away your chance!

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