Mckelvy can eat a big fat black you know what.
Mother fuckers. Destroy the city that was on your side. Makes sense!
What an oblivious, arrogant, self-unaware bunch of coddled idiotic fascists.
You should all go home and hang your heads in the shame for your stupidity. You are stupid. Stupid stupid stupid stupid. If I had a face as stupid as yours I would slap it.

Go home and slap yourselves in your stupid stupid faces. As strategists you are on par with people who wanted to attack Iraq for 911. What you did last night was so pathetic and petty I am embarrassed for you.

Have you ever seen the first 15 minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey? It could have been genius street art had you just put the apeman costumes on.
I started prepping years ago in case of some natural disaster or attack from other countries etc.
I never believed for one second that it would be the Zombie Apocalypse! I've heard people really believe in that and always thought "Really? The walking dead... Really? Lol"
But I'm proven wrong! Their not dead but definitely brain dead and I'd never thought of Zombies in that way before. They might not want to eat your brain but they do want to brain wash or scare you into zombies like them.

I watched the riot again last night and the smashed windshield was a poor woman trapped in her vehicle on the bridge surrounded by an angry mob!!! SHAME ON YOU ASSHOLES!!!
You talk and show video of Trump supporters being violent and yet barely show anything about the countless number of Trump supporters who've been attack from elementary schools to adults across the country.

These people better stop making threats towards white people as a race...or this is not going to end well for them. ☹️️ No one supporting Trump wants a race war!! But we will fight to protect ourselves and our country if nessesary and history is our proof.
Only the Zombies that Hillary and Obama have created want violence and race wars. Hillary and Obama wanted this to happen that's why neither Hillary or Obama has come out in a news conference and asked them to stop!
Because this is what they want, devide and conquer. Glad she's NOT MY PRESIDENT! Lol
Have a good day Portland and be safe for god sake
Portland4trump -- I'm white and I'm not afraid that nonwhites are going to attack me in a race war. Then again, I'd be happy if someone of any race bitch slapped you.
The anarchists are assholes. Way to ruin a peaceful protest. Way to make Portland look like a bunch of lunatics in the national news. Way to damage the property of people that probably also don't like Trump.
Ahhh the "peaceful" eloquent Hillary supporters have arrived lol
I was born and raised in Oregon so I'm deffinately in the right state. Are you saying that republicans shouldn't live in Oregon?! That awfully democratic of you. Oooh that's right you don't believe in democracy lol
This isn't "protesting." Protesting is a constitutionally protected right. This is just spoiled little brats throwing a temper tantrum because they didn't get a participation trophy for voting in the election. They prove true each and every stereotype used against them. They are hellbent on destroying their own local economies and will eventually pay the price for their stupidity, their reckless behavior, and the wanton destruction they are visiting on the hard working people of their city and state.

And, one more thing, insurance policies do NOT cover damage due to civil unrest. The local business owners will have to pay for ALL of this damage.

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