I can't wait for all the new cheap housing we'll get now that the parking requirement is lifted! Developers will definitely pass their savings on to tenants! The housing crisis is over!
Houses still have a parking requirement.
Small apartment complexes still have a parking requirement.

So why are we removing the requirement for just one specific category of housing? It would seem that the rules should apply to all forms of housing equally.
It's obvious that no one involved in this process either lives in a house surrounded by apartments, or lives in an apartment on a street filled with houses and businesses. I live in a housing rental, and am across from 9 businesses, and have two apartment complexes with zero parking on my block alone. A third is going to built next month on a lot that used to be a single residence. I can't park at home between 8 am and 9 pm even though I am a contractor who needs to bring large tools in and out everyday because people need to eat at Tasty and Sons or have Ramen noodles for 9 bucks at Kyoto's etc. If I try parking in the alley between Vancouver and Williams, meter maids love ticketing me because its what they do. I have no clue what the money for parking tickets goes to, but I am certain it doesn't go to providing new parking.
The white Californian tech bros that invaded Portland get to remote into their jobs, and are all urban planner hobbyists. I can't wait for the next recession when they move back in with their parents and leave us alone. Sorry you work a real job. They think you should carshare to the job site. I have to drive to work out of necessity too. Privileged pricks.
The developers and the City have conspired to change a huge opportunity into a pile of excrement.

Opportunity - a parking spot is 10' by 20'. Rent it for $200 a month, to building owners or nearby residents. Or make it into storage units for building owners or neighbors for $5-$1.25 per square foot per month - what you would pay for self storage in Portland.

Excrement - neighbors will oppose all new multi-unit construction and vote you out of office. When the existing self storage buildings are torn down to build something useful, where will all the small unit renters store their things?

Built without, the parking and storage opportunity is lost for the life of the building, but the stink remains.
"When the existing self storage buildings are torn down to build something useful, where will all the small unit renters store their things?"

Maybe people will decide not to buy and keep as much stuff if it's not easily stored.

Maybe people will decide not to own a car if it's too difficult to park, while at the same time Uber/Lyft, transit, walking, and biking become easier due to density and transit infrastructure improvements.

Maybe people who need parking right next to their unit for work or other purposes will pay the premium for a unit that has such an option, rather than requiring all units to have them at additional expense regardless of need.

This shit is only a problem for people who can't possibly imagine changing their own personal lifestyle, regardless of the collective benefits to the city.

Let me see if I can find my sympathy for those people...hmm...oh, I couldn't find any storage for it so I threw it away since I didn't really even need it. So easy!
To think that getting rid of parking requirements is somehow going to result in cheaper housing is a fantasy. All businessmen cry about passing on costs when they are forced to actually contribute to the welfare of society like the rest of us. These commissioners are idiots.
Wait Wait... I'm having a vision...

I foresee many cars sitting 4 or 5 blocks away from these condos for days at a time getting broken into.

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