cops are way past crooked. I attained a copy of the lease agreement with white stagg llc and the city. It showed they've been blocking off that sidewalk under the Burnside bridge for 3.5 years when it is not even part of the lease. PBOT does not have a permit for them blocking it off. They took it down in response to me pushing buttons, but I went there and the cops came along and basically threatened me almost before I had a chance to explain that they've been aiding someone illegally block a public right of way. They could not tell me any specific law which would grant them the right to arrest me nor why they were enforcing that law on that particular sidewalk.

The no-trespassing signs are scarecrows; they do not apply to the sidewalk. To top it off officers Wands and his partner confessed they'd arrest everyone out here if they could because they are causing 'livability issues ' for others. For brevity, I won't even get started on that one. I go to their precinct and tell them I - as a man without property - have been harassed and they just laugh at me like that is not possible for someone without property to have rights.

Funny thing is that area - which is completely out of the way of traffic and pedestrians - used to be a central place for people to come down and mingle with homeless and pass things out. This of course was before Hales street sweeps in 2013 which caused a massive influx; you make people fight for a place to sleep and yeah they'll do so. But it was peaceful before that.

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