Lead Has Been Spouting from Drinking Fountains in Some City Parks

Officials Can’t Say for How Long, Or Why


The blood lead levels used to indicate harm potential status and trends in public health can be very misleading, since they primarily only indicate current lead exposures or uptake only during the last several months. Blood lead levels quickly reduce by the body sequestering the lead in bones and teeth in accumulative fashion. This sequestration does help the current toxic risk of other physiologic pathway degradation, but tends to only put off the risks until stresses later in life (old age, illness, or pregnancy) develop to cause the body to seek to mobilize the calcium stores in bone to fill the sudden need for added calcium to build defensive molecules needed to counter the stresses. At such times, calcium is low in supply, and since the body does not correctly identify lead as being other than calcium, lead comes out with the Ca and becomes incorporated into the defensive components being made from calcium and zinc. This contamination of stored lead makes many of the molecules such as zinc finger proteins dysfunctional. The body thinks that it has responded well to the stress but has not because the accumulated body lead has poisoned the bodies’ defenses. Blood lead levels can thus drop well, because either the exposures have lessened, or because the body has been effective in storing it in bone, or both mechanisms. Any time the bbl drops, helps the current pathogenicity of the lead to the immediate physiology, but usually only postpones the damage till later in life when stresses remobilize it at precisely the vulnerable times of old age, illness, or pregnancy. Once body burden has increased, we all have increased risks through life from that lead uptake that has occurred earlier. The public health paradigm commonly misrepresents the meaning of the blood lead testing results, erroneously giving the impression that the dangers from the lead exposures have all passed, but science is not served well by this incomplete picture provided by the authorities. Bone lead levels are now 100 to 1000 times those that prehistoric bones had accumulated. Our bodies have not had evolutionary time elapsed to adapt better defense mechanisms to the greatly increased environmental pollution once we dug the lead up out of the ground and dispersed it around the globe as products that easily degrade to be taken up to contribute to our health challenges. As you say, prevention is primary, because once in the body, much of it stays there to eventually do more damage.

Everybody better check their own garages, look on the bench where you set your tackle box after taking the grandkids to teach them how to fish. Go to a hardware store, buy a cheap lead test kit for surfaces, go home and test that tackle box superfund site by just swabbing anywhere in the box. The fine black nearly pure lead powder contaminating the surfaces has likely poisoned the people you love by contaminating your hands, the fishing pole, the sandwiches you handed out to your grandkids, the apples you ate, the cooler ice, and the fish you took home to put into the frying pan. Chronic low dose accumulative effects harm children from all lead sources, the high levels on those apples could have directly poisoned them at levels that reduced IQ. How many tackle boxes sit in contaminated boats? How many sinkers get lost in salmon streams that grind lead sinkers up, exponentially increasing surface area to dissolve faster in the water, chronically low dosing whole aquatic habitats? All of this pollution is ignored by the regulatory agencies because the NRA and industry lobbies reduce election funding to many legislators that would
ask their 'environmental protection agencies' to do their jobs assessing these risks as required by the Clean Water Act, Clean Drinking Water Act etc. None of this ever shows up due to lack of due diligence for public health.... and we are poisoning our precious children.
Lead from drinking fountains accumulates in the body in bone and teeth. Athletes, that often drink from contaminated sources while very thirsty from exercise during practice and games to quench their thirst, during many years of school, will have increased body accumulation that is NOT detected by blood lead levels if tested. These students pay the price later in life as stresses such as illness, pregnancy, and old age draw the lead out of the bones just when the body is struggling. Many diseases are made worse by the lead exposure. Many babies have increased lead exposure and harm at birth.