Way to pass the buck, Amanda, on your horrible, half-baked "plan." So much for accountability!
Is this really the city's job though? If I lost my house should I depend on the city to find somewhere for me to go?
Many voters thought Ted Wheeler was a progressive. They were suckered.
Progressive does not equal idiot. Go Wheeler!
>Many voters thought Ted Wheeler was a progressive. They were suckered.

Ted Wheeler was chosen by Portland's business community because of his push to steal pensions from workers that the state supreme court ruled unconstitutional. Heavy enough cuts to the people and the rich won't have to see higher taxes. His buddies toss him some cash and he keeps the homeless away from them. This is the man Portland voted for. Recall petition will begin collecting signatures this summer. He won't last a year.

Portland has already wasted nine hundred thousand dollars on trying, just trying, to relocate a homeless camp. Why anyone would think this was a good use of time and money is beyond me. Not that we owe these people anything, but think of how much housing could have been purchased with that.
right to dream...while nodding out on heroin on the sidewalk in chinatown. thats one of the main reasons i think that public officials dont care to help much. the main people that hangnout around there are junkies.

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