News Feb 22, 2017 at 4:00 am

Portland Police Arrest 13 in Crackdown of “Unpermitted” President’s Day Protest


Thanks for covering the lawful arrests of these criminals Doug.
i see nothing positive coming out of these protests. they only foster division between the citizens and the police. the intolerance of dissenting opinions from the protest's sympathizers are alienating a lot of would be allies as well. the protests are counter productive, ill-conceived, and easily shut down.
Interesting. So, arrested automatically equals "criminal," complying with law enforcement = "a crime," large fit heavily-armed and armored adults in their prime punching old ladies in the face = "lawful arrest," having one foot off the curb is the equivalent of holding someone's arms back and forcibly pepperspraying someone in the face, objecting to unjustified and excessive use of force and killing of unarmed individuals = "fostering division."

ydwhi isn't "alienated" by "intolerance of sympathizers," s/he just wants no dissent - and certainly isn't suggesting any effective way of creating police accountability. oj is transparently trolling.

I almost wasn't going to say anything because the comments are all horrible but, um, then you just get all horrible comments if I let that silence me.

Protesters committing civil disobedience involving breaking laws can reasonably expect to be arrested, NOT beat down and tortured.
Cry me a river. Nobody was "beat down and tortured", clown. Maybe you should read about torture on wikipedia or something? Your the typical pro-communist portland weirdo that wants to suppress everyone else's rights, like freedom of movement and travel by blocking roads and sidewalks, and when arrested you cry "oh my rights were violated." Just like a little school boy. Get a job, and a life. Protesting is getting you no-where fast, and its becoming more obvious that people are fed up with it.

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