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State Lawmakers Are Pushing Steeper Punishment for People Who Pay for Sex


There goes Kevin Kerwin's chances of ever getting laid. He almost had enough saved up, too!
God fucking dammit. I'm pissed at you Doug Brown. You got this article wrong. A simple search will pull up bills HB2141 and HB2142. As they are written both bills punish women who are found guilty of prostitution.

Because of backlash against the punitive nature of the bills against women convicted of prostitution, Senator Taylor (at least) is trying to cover up by saying she is backing off the penalties towards women but there is no proof of it yet. Nothing is in writing and so anything could happen. Rep. Huffman has not answered his phone for weeks, nor has he responded to my letters so I cant say whether his stance has changed. However, both are guilty of writing the most punitive laws against prostitution in the entire country. No law in the entire United Stated was as harsh, cruel and unusual as the ones they had written and is still on record as the bill that is in the Oregon Legislative House.

I'm very active in various Portland communities and this i issue is the most important and personal for me and you just portrayed it entirely wrong. I'll never forget it. And I'll never forgive you.
STROLL needs to start calling themselves what they are, advocates for men to havr sex with minors or adult women without penalty, not a sex worker advocate group. Sex worker advocate groups advocate for the worker, not the buyer, abuser, seller, pimp, or human trafficker. STROLL is officially advocating not to punish human traffickers, a group that hardly deserves sympathy.
This Cleaveland Highschool teacher was busted twice for calling prostitutes. He was caught in two different police stings (two completely separate stings )and was either currently undergoing Jon School or had recently finished when he called me from an online ad.

After being caught calling prostitutes not once but twice and undergoing Jon School he still could not be deterred from calling for prostitutes ---all while teaching high school! This is the reason that buyers need extreme punishment. Its a sicknesses. So called 'professional men' cannot be deterred from calling women for paid sex no matter the consequences. Some men may continue calling even if you threaten to cut off a limb.

Clearly, this Cleaveland High School teacher was 'a bit' determined. Two arrests, Jon School, losing his job and a lot of local press couldn't stop this guy from calling prostitutes. This is why their needs to be extreme punishment leveled on 'buyers'. They are determined and will not be deterred despite any law on the books.

How did I know this guy was in WW? Well, its a bit of a story. Most customers are similar. They all can be put in categories. Basically, they all act the same. But he stood out in an extra creepy way. He was unusual. Seeing how customers are never unusual, I decided to do a little research in the form of a 99 cent paid phone search to find someone's number. I was stunned to find an entire article in him. But if you think about it, the guy had to be the dumbest Jon on the planet to continue using the same phone number after he was in the news, lost his job and been busted twice.

I considered calling the DA to rat him out but of course, I didn't want to incriminate myself in the process, so I just seethed. If the DA was not so intent on busting women for potential prostitution and race reasons then High School teachers, doctors, lawyers and others you don't want having a professional license COULD be busted. As it is now, Oregon is protecting these professional licensed 'Jons' and punishing the broke, financially struggling women who work in the sex industry.

It makes a lot of sense.…

Cleaveland High School Teacher Article…
If Oregon women were honest with themselves this sex law issue would be a no brainer. Men, including those living in the NW, will pay for sex under any circumstance.

Go to Northern California. In the bay area they have massage parlors like they have strip clubs in Portland. For better or worse, many male friends have told me they have been to them. But dont take my word for it. Those inexpensive massage parlors are always busy. Unlike Portland strip clubs, these massage parlors are never slow. The owners make a lot of $$$$. Unlike the tiny city of Portland, the bay area has more serious crimes to focus on than prostitution so those massage parlors just thrive with a never ending stream of customers.

Only issue I have with it, is that it can make looking for a legitimate, non-sexual massage an extremely embarrassing situation if your a woman. But there are lots of legitimate massuses in the bay area as well. In your intial search, you go through this "oh no phase" of what if I mistakenly go to one of those places. There is a slight difference between a soothing theraputic massage and a busy sex trafficking parlor with new customers every 15 minutes but they both look the same from the outside.

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