Police Chief Mike Marshman, left, and Mayor Ted Wheeler last month. DOUG BROWN

THINGS ARE ROCKY at the top of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) as Chief Mike Marshman and his executive assistant, Lt. Mike Leasure, were placed on leave Friday evening. Mayor Ted Wheeler announced the auditor’s Independent Police Review (IPR) was investigating an unspecified rules violation by the two.

Over the weekend, sources told the Oregonian that the investigation stems from Leasure possibly forging a PPB log for Marshman to imply the chief attended a training session he didn’t actually show up for. The training, the O said, was for command staff and the PPB’s “Employee Information System, a computer-based system intended to identify at-risk employees who have a high number of complaints, or a pattern of excessive use of force.”

That system was created after the city’s settlement agreement with US Department of Justice, which found the PPB used excessive force on people with perceived mental illnesses. Marshman was previously the PPB’s liaison with the DOJ, and hired to his current post because of his attention to the matter.

This is only one of the PPB’s troubles. Just a few weeks ago, Captains Kevin Modica and Derek Rodrigues were placed on leave for unrelated issues. And the Oregonian reported Monday that a sergeant has also been put on leave for allegedly making a racist remark. DOUG BROWN

LAST WEEK, the Oregon Republican Party decided to chime in with some really dumb comments about Portland’s status as a “sanctuary city” that refuses to help federal agents execute President Trump’s cruel immigration policies.

Oregon GOP chairman Bill Currier called undocumented immigrants “criminals” who, because of Portland policy, “are then free to commit further rapes, murders, and other felonies against our families and friends.”

Party spokesman Kevin Hoar said Wheeler is protecting “criminal aliens who are murdering and raping his city’s citizens.”

The Republicans’ evidence for their claims about Portland and immigrants? An alleged rape in Maryland.

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“This statement is inaccurate and harmful,” Wheeler responded on Monday.

Meanwhile, federal agents on Sunday detained 25-year-old Portland man Francisco Rodriguez Dominguez, who’s been here since he was five. The Portland man works for the Latino Network coordinating a food pantry at Reynolds Middle School, and is a soccer coach, the ACLU of Oregon says. He was released on bond on Monday, after widespread public outcry. DB

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