Four distinct ralliesβ€”one in favor of Donald Trump and agendas loyal to his presidency, and three againstβ€”converged in Portland on Sunday afternoon. And what for the past week had looked like it could turn into a bloody disaster instead involved a lot of shouting between the various parties and not much more.

No serious injuries were reported from the demonstrations, though police did crack down on a rally organized by antifa groups ready to clash with the alt-right people across the street. Pepper spray and tear gas were deployed, and police report 14 arrests. Both groups had their masked contingents, wielding flags attached to heavy sticks. But a robust police presence ensured they never met in any meaningful way. The rally for free speech, organized by a Vanouver-based right-wing personality named Joey Gibson, ended at around 4:30 pm.

Here's a rundown of the day, as it happened.

UPDATE 6:13 PM: Looks like most of the action is over. VanderHart, out!

UPDATE 5:56 PM: Rumors are a-buzzing about Portland Police forcing Antifa and other protesters out of the park and into the street where they were arrested while pro-Trump folks left Schrunk Plaza.

UPDATE 5:37 PM: There is still a MAGA crew roaming around downtown. Still other pockets of activity as well.

UPDATE 5:20 PM: As pro-Trumpers leave Schrunk Plaza, chants of "Don't come back!"

UPDATE 5:07 PM: It appears as if police are releasing people from the kettle after photographing their IDs, some are being arrested.

UPDATE 4:43 PM: Several journalists and ACLU legal observers are caught up in the kettle (more on Portland police releasing journalists from kettles in the past here). Police are saying they will arrest those identified as participating in criminal activity. Still calm for the moment. Meanwhile, cops also head into Schrunk Plaza where the pro-Trump rally is clearing.

UPDATE 4:33 PM: Police are detaining a large group at SW 4th and Morrison. Number of people varies depending on source, but it appears to be more than a few.

Also note to our distribution crew, we're going to need some new boxes.

UPDATE 4:26 PM: Antifa protestors were on the move. Very quickly ketteled by police.

UPDATE 4:15 PM: Seems like things are at something of a standstill as pro Trump rally is scheduled to wrap up, except for some end-of-rally trolling. A few small scuffles have broken out and a few arrests have been made.

UPDATE 3:55 PM: The pro Trump rally is scheduled to end at 4 pm, right about the same time the anti-hate rally is supposed to finish.

Maybe later they can put it back where they found it? Okay, guys? Guys?

UPDATE 3:45 PM: While most of Chapman Square has been cleared (as the Trump rally continues), there is still confrontation happening in the park.


UPDATE 3:35 PM: In an attempt to push back protesters in Chapman Park, police have started using tear gas and flash bangs. The park is now closed.

UPDATE 3:25 PM:The Trump supporter known as Base Stickman has taken the stage, meanwhile Portland Police is trying to maintain the buffer between opposing sides by closing down the south part of Chapman Park.

UPDATE 3:15 PM: As speakers at the pro-Trump rally continue, side-discussions break out. Tense, but still peaceful.

UPDATE 2:45 PM: Talking it out.

UPDATE: 2:25 PM:

UPDATE 2:15 PM: Here are a couple of great pix from our Mercury photogs on the street, Natalie Behring and @shotboxer.

Natalie Behring

The alt-rights Base Spartan
The alt-right's Base Spartan @shotboxer

UPDATE 2:10 PM: The pro-Trump rally at Schrunk Plaza kicks off with an unsurprising soundtrack.

Meanwhile, standard shenanigans ensue.

UPDATE 1:45 PM: Thousands have gathered downtown with Pro-Trump supporters being significantly outnumbered. Still relatively peaceful, with the usual side order of shenanigans.

UPDATE 1:15 PM: Trump supporters heading to Schrunk Plaza.

UPDATE 1 PM: Situation largely unchanged, feds make another arrest.

UPDATE 12:30 PM: The scene at City Hall.

UPDATE 12:15 PM:

Not good.

More not good.

UPDATE 12:07 PM: Annnd it's heating up.

Cops are moving in on protesters.

And the Feds have arrested one so far.

UPDATE 11:57 AM: Just before noon and the crowds (and cops) are showing up in droves.

It's going to be a very busy day. In response to a "Trump Free Speech Rally" scheduled for 2-5 pm today at Terry Schrunk Plaza, there are multiple counter protests.

These include a "Portland Stands United Against Hate" rally at City Hall from 12:30 pm-4:30 pm which has been endorsed by 70 local organizations (including Portland Jewish Voices for Peace, Latino Network, Urban League of Portland, NARAL, and more). This is being billed as a peaceful protest against violence, and you can follow them on Twitter with the hashtag #PDXagainsthate.

Also scheduled is a Anti-Fascist rally at Chapman Square from noon-4pm to stand in direct opposition to the Trump Free Speech rally. From their Facebook page: "It is time that Portland stood up to these ceaseless rallies which are little more than opportunities for racists to network, mainstream their message, and intimidate vulnerable communities." They have also asked the media and participants to look for any "disparate treatment from Portland police" in regards to any violence committed against them by the Trump rally supporters. Their Twitter hashtag for this event is #DefendPDX.

And a labor/immigrants right group will be holding a counter-rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza called "Fascists Out of Portland." Eighty people have so far said they will attend, and you can follow them at the hashtag #fascistsoutofportland.

We'll be doing live coverage of these events all day, so follow us here as well as @portlandmercury for all the highlights. If you want second-by-second action, follow News Editor Dirk VanderHart @dirquez.

Buckle your seat belts, it's bound to be a bumpy ride.