AS DONALD TRUMP announced he’d abandon a global agreement to stem climate change on June 1, local officials doubled down on their commitment.

In a pair of lofty but largely aspirational resolutions, the Portland City Council and Multnomah County Board of Commissioners adopted goals that would ensure 100 percent of the energy used is from renewable sources by 2050.

That means everything from your car to the factory down the street would be powered by renewables in less than 35 years. It’s a far stronger goal than most others have set, and there’s no telling if it’s possible.

Nonrenewable coal and natural gas currently account for nearly 70 percent of power usage in the county. DIRK VANDERHART

DURING A FRENZY of downtown rallies on Sunday, June 4—one pro-Trump and three anti—a right-wing militia member working security at Terry Schrunk Plaza helped Department of Homeland Security officers chase, pin down, and cuff an anti-Trump demonstrator on the federally-owned block. The feds are now investigating.

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“The incident involving the private citizen is under review with the US Attorney’s Office,” a DHS spokesperson tells the Mercury.

The group the militia member appears to be a part of has worked security for a number of pro-Trump rallies and marches in the Portland area recently. He’s seen on video grabbing zip-tie handcuffs from a federal officer’s belt and handing them to the cop, who then cuffs the protester. DOUG BROWN

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