So lame and hilarious. There are more white privileged snowflakes in that photo than a KKK rally.
So Portland Resistance has no problem with their leader kidnapping and strangling an underage girl but Marshman has to go?
The Portland Resistance was recently bashing Activists who disrupted city council meetings and advocating for Wheeler's resignation. Now. It's okay? Is the Honeymoon between Wheeler and The Resistance now over? By all means we should keep those with domestic abuse histories out of any leadership roles ....even those at The Portland Resistance.
Bunch of whiny babies who think they should get literally everything they want or they throw a tantrum. Wheeler represents *everyone in Portland*, not just these activists. If they actually want to dictate policy, they are free to run for Mayor - let's see how many Portlanders share their positions and actually vote for them. Spoiler alert: they would fail miserably.

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