The Run-down Stewart Apartments Are a Sanctuary for Poor Portlanders

They Might Be Gone at the End of the Month


Partly to blame??? Come on lets get real the firebug at the Stewart is the reason we are losing the Tugboat.
Gee, who could have possibly foreseen that not being able to charge enough rent to maintain a building would result in that building becoming dilapidated and inundated with code violations? This is what rent control looks like, Portland. Start getting used to it if you keep electing folks like Eudaly.
Mercury stumbles: Tugboat "Weird" / Stewart (is a) "Sanctuary" = Dewey defeats Truman
These people may very well become homeless in the near future. I'd much rather the Stewart and places like it continue to exist in perpetuity than having to walk around or step over people on the sidewalk. We need more places like this, not less.