I liked how the AG accused LEO of releasing rapists and pedophiles merely BECAUSE they are undocumented. HAHAHA.
On the KATU feed this afternoon, one of the III% militia terrorists called for bombing the protest today. Never mind that it was across the street from a federal building, up the street from an elementary school and underneath an interstate highway interchange in an international shipping port.

Obviously, these old men are very worried that they're going away. It's not going to change anything, but as they age out, they'll act out their neuroses on the populace. But the good thing is, they're going to die off, and soon, while a large majority of people under 40 disagree with everything they have to say.

So do what you're doing. Fight back. Rub their noses in their mediocrity and stupidity. Let them know that everything they hold dear will come to nothing in the end. Because that's what drives them mad: we're going to win simply by virtue of not being old, sad, angry and stupid. We're going to win more quickly because decency and ethics wins in the long term over anger, hate, graft and gullibility.

Fuck off, Jeff Sessions. You're going to die soon.
Does Rule 4.1 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct apply to Sessions when he makes these statements? a lawyer “shall not knowingly make a false statement of material fact.”
Still not quite sure what Sessions wanted to accomplish here. Was it like a patriot prayer rally: appearing solely to create protest which indicates to Trump's (dispirited)) national base that you're "really giving the big city liberals what for." He certainly didn't change the mind of anyone important in Portland.

Sessions to PDX cops: My politics before your profession.
If memory serves -- and it doesn't always do so -- most of Portland's homicides resulted from men with guns opening fire on their wives, girlfriends, office crushes, and children.

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