The City Finally Has an Idea of How to Spend Its Housing Bond

Here’s What You Need to Know


It is blatant and unapologetic racism.
"It's been nearly a year since Portland voters approved a housing bond. Now the city might finally have a notion of how to spend it."

That's not fair, Dirk. It wasn't "the city" --it was Ted Wheeler who didn't have a notion of how to spend it.

As you yourself concede, prior to Wheeler's arrival the Housing Bureau and the then-Commissioner-in-charge Dan Saltzman were quite well-prepared to go out and start aquiring housing and making it available to low-income people.

They knew that there was an emergency and they were acting with urgency. Aquiring The Ellington Apartments was exactly the kind of thing that the bond measure was intended to do: lock in a large number of multi-BR apartments in a rapidly gentrifying area of town as permanently affordable.

The decision to dither for a year before moving forward with more aquisitions was attributable to the Mayor and no one else.