Brown terrorist kills 8 in New York: Let's immediately talk about legislation. Let's immediately talk about policy and enacting stricter controls. Let's immediately politicize this event to get our anti-Muslim agenda through.

White terrorist kills 58 and wounds hundreds of innocent people in Vegas: "Now's not the time to talk policy." "It's inappropriate to politicize an event like this." "It's entirely premature to be discussing about legislative solutions. It's too soon."

Here are the FACTS about the Diversity Visa Lottery Program:

1990 - Passed by a bipartisan effort in the House and Senate and signed by Republican president, George Bush Sr.

2013 - Democrats working on comprehensive immigration reform. Schumer and the "Gang of Eight" tried to repeal/end the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. The proposal for repeal passed the Senate, but died in the House due to REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTION.

The Republicans own this tragedy and are trying to blame Democrats. Their complete OBSTRUCTION allowed this program to continue. The sad/hilarious part in all of this is that Republican politicians know how STUPID their base is and are so certain that they will not do even the slightest bit of research.

McConnell openly bragged about being the "Guardian of Gridlock" and OBSTRUCTING everything the Democrats put forth:


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