The Top Protest Cop Defends Rough Policing Tactics

But Complaints Keep Filing in and Lawsuits Loom


Yay, Jessie's back in the news. I worried he's be gone forever after his little lying stunt over that airport punch.

Come back Jessie. Lie to us some more. I can't wait for the testimony where you stand up and tell the story of being victimized by the big bad policeman. You wouldn't have done it back in the day, but I get it. Father time drains the testosterone from the best of 'em.
I was serving jury duty that day and happened on the scene. My concern as a Portlander was the large number of wounded community members lying on the sidewalk and in the street while Fire & Rescue EMTs stood idle with their backs to them.
I had to go back to jury duty, but returned to the scene later + watched numerous videos shot by both activists and police supporters who were documenting. I DID find footage of police helping a heavily pepper-sprayed woman who screamed for 12 minutes before EMTs' unhurried arrival. Fire & Rescue then compromised patient privacy by demanding HIPPA-protected info be provided in front of note-taking cops before aid would be rendered, prolonging her chemical exposure (permanent eye injury can be incurred if not flushed in a timely manner).
Do activists and community members have no medical rights in PPB's crowd-control strategy? That 's severely problematic given that PPB's policy of random violence (employing advanced weaponry banned by the Geneva Convention in use against enemy combatants) injures innocent bystanders and peaceful protesters as well as the handful of alleged agitators whose actions they tell us justify police brutality?
What I saw that day scared the heck out of me. The silver lining was witnessing the arrival of volunteers from the medical community at large who stepped up and did the job Fire & Rescue EMTs had turned their backs on; and the Starbucks employees who donated quantities of milk to soothe the chemical burns.