Tim Adams

Yet again, a man was stabbed on a Max Train.

The Portland Police Bureau announced that two men were "fighting" on the Yellow Line this afternoon when the train was in North Portland's Kenton neighborhood. One of them stabbed the other. The cops found the victim at the the Denver Avenue Transit Station, provided "emergency first aid," and then an ambulance took him to a hospital, the police said. He's expected to survive.

The police say they "located, contacted and found" the suspect at the Rosa Parks Transit Station, two stops south on the Yellow Line from where they found the stabbed guy. They haven't released his name.

It's at least the second stabbing on a MAX train in recent weeks. A 21-year-old man was arrested a few weeks back after stabbing a stranger in the leg while ranting about "Satan and the end of the world."

And any violence on the MAX, especially a stabbing, will of course invoke the horrific killings committed on a train by white supremacist Jeremy Christian in May.