News Nov 29, 2017 at 4:00 am

It’s a Costly Side Effect of Portland’s Housing Crisis


A group of churches spends a lot of time and money encouraging people to camp in tents rather than go to shelters. These are the "service resistant" campers, many of them from out of area and unwilling to make simple compromises with society in exchange for food and shelter. Even without the housing crisis, many of the tent campers would not be able to stay in housing because of drug and mental issues. While I appreciate the reporting, and Schmid's balanced approach to this hot button issue, I am crying BS on those who have tarp drives and bring donuts and coffee out to the campers on places like the 205 bike path. The "Christ-complex, let's not work with Caesar, I mean Wheeler" approach has awful consequences for
neighbors, tax payers, and yes, campers. But those supplying the tarps, tents and coffee get to bask in the warmth of their mis-placed self-regard.
A single errant fire in the Laurelhurst neighborhood and the Mayor's office will suddenly find millions of dollars to address the homeless issue.

Gotta keep those dirty poors confined to the Mysterious Non-Portland east of 50th, Teddy, or your donors will get mad.
"Gotta keep those dirty poors confined to the Mysterious Non-Portland east of 50th,"

If that's their goal, they are failing miserably.
My God are you people really this far removed from your fellow man. You may try to deny it, and rationalize but your all....... We all are just a few bad experiences away from living in tents or anything else we find to survive in. I'm not saying all people out there are great law abiding people. But they are the majority. A few bad apples spoils etc..... Who are you to judge?? I've been out there with and without addiction. It's not funny, it's not easy, and it's downright scary. Not the other homeless people. You're the scary part. You're the part that find justification in your hate and judgements God help you all

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