News Dec 13, 2017 at 4:00 am

The Police Bureau Says That’s Completely Fine


Accidents happen every day. It would be a shame if one happened.
Surprise, surprise. Pigs being pigs.
What is the sergeant's name, Merc? Obviously, the public should know as the sergeant is a public official, and this could be detrimental t their public interactions with said officer in the future. Please name the offending officer.
"A Cop"?! singular?! (I probably have video of "a cop) Meet PPB ofc Wingfield Larry
I defend myself tomorrow morning Multnomah County Courthouse SW 4th Rm 450 8:45am
Sergeant Erin Smith and Officer Steven McHugill were the officers.
I'll note that the "free speech" contingent from Vancouver is nowhere to be found on this one. Wonder why...
So the guy just meekly tucked his camera out of sight? Not much of an activist, I'd say!
#CopsLiesMatter Just ask any one of last year's parade of police chiefs, esp O'Dea who was forced to resign after lying to investigators about shooting his friend. Or ask his 5 top chiefs who were demoted for aiding in his attempted cover-up.
I hope our new Chief Outlaw will also put an end to Mayor Wheeler & Ex-Chief Marshman's use of advanced weaponry & random violence in crowd control to suppress first amendment rights. All those canisters, CS Gas & Sabre-Red-coated rubber bullets cost $$$, as do the ensuing lawsuits. Tourists, visiting moms, mainstream media and random bystanders are hit, legal observers manhandled, conscientious objectors kettled then tortured, street medics are targeted for abuse & arrest, while tax-paid Fire & Rescue medics stand with their backs to the wounded. All documented by brave folk like Benjamin Kerensa and other citizen journalists.
There are a lot of KKKops to be weeded out of PPB.

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