Dirk Vanderhart must have come to Portland to make sure the most racists of racists acts are covered up.
This article was intentionally written to
A. Make Racist Kafoury look like a real politician.
B. To cover up the real issue of the story. Kafoury goes bezerk over the mention of Multnomah County Employees talking about all the discrimination that goes on .

Kafoury's anger makes her look damn suspicious. To burst out not only in public but during a county commissioner meeting and on video tape, seems to indicate someone has very very very strong feelings on the issue.

The issue that pushed Kafoury over the edge is that there is racism at Multnomah county and that her chosen girl for COO of Multnomah must have something to do with attempting to cover up the racism at Multnomah county.

Funny how Dirk didn't EVEN bother what the other issue was. It is potentially against county rules, possibly illegal and definately not in the favor of the county to have the COO and CEO be the same person.

I guess i missed her apology to her constitutes. Incredibly arrogant - she should do the right thing and resign.
OregonHispanicLady is right - piss poor reporting on this issue. The laziness is apparent in the previous headline:
County Commissioner Loretta Smith Says Chair Deborah Kafoury Called Her a "Bitch" in a Public Meeting
Any reasonable journalist could have immediately verified that, yes, Ms. Kafoury did indeed drop the B word on Ms. Smith. When a newspaper appears biasedy, people start to throw out the 'fake news' sound bite. Do better.

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