#CopsLiesMatter Just ask any one of last year's parade of police chiefs, esp O'Dea who was forced to resign after lying to investigators about shooting his friend. Or ask his 5 top chiefs who were demoted for aiding in his attempted cover-up.
I hope our new Chief Outlaw will also put an end to Mayor Wheeler & Ex-Chief Marshman's use of advanced weaponry & random violence in crowd control to suppress first amendment rights. All those canisters, CS Gas & Sabre-Red-coated rubber bullets cost $$$, as do the ensuing lawsuits. Tourists, visiting moms, mainstream media and random bystanders are hit, legal observers manhandled, conscientious objectors kettled then tortured, street medics are targeted for abuse & arrest, while tax-paid Fire & Rescue "medics" stand with their backs to the wounded. All documented by brave folk like Benjamin Kerensa and other citizen journalists.
There are a lot of KKKops to be weeded out of PPB and concerning complicity from Fire & Rescue.
Teresa Roberts, I too hope that there is a stop to use of advanced weaponry and random violence, but I equally hope there is a stop to protesters ceaselessly blocking our sidewalks, traffic, city business, and everything else in the name of their temper tantrums. The rest of us have lives, need to work, to get around, and to get home to our families. The protests these days are so endless, and without a coherent message, that I really couldn't give a shit anymore. If you prevent me from getting home to eat dinner with my family, I really don't care if a cop lies to you or gives you a bop on the head. How about that?
Ceaselessly? Hyperbole much? Or do you live in some alternate Portland? The one I live in, I will admit, has seen complications due to protesting, but nothing like what you describe. And certainly never a city in which I'd hope law enforcement would lie or beat it's citizenry (or one in which people would encourage this!)
So what will the punishment be? My guess is either it will be a slap on the wrist or this guy will quit and go to work for some other police agency and it really won't have much of an impact on him. If someone is going to be fired for lying on the job they should lose the ability to work as a cop anywhere in oregon, not just in the one city where they were employed at the time of the transgression. I am also interested in knowing if this cop has a past record of incidents that might involve him lying about things. Like has he maybe tased people for no reason and then accused them of assaulting him? Could be something to look into intrepid reporters of the Merc.
Not mentioned in the article: Erin Smith is one of two officers who tackled and tazered Phil Sano in 2008 for the crime of biking without a front light (his front light mount had been stolen).…

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