Housing Jan 17, 2018 at 4:00 am

Seven Months After the Village Moved, A Lot Has Changed. And A Lot Hasn’t.


“How accessible is it for people with shopping carts? For people who are looking for a place when shelters are full? For people who are new in this town?”

LOL, one of the on-the-ground folks disproving the common social justice warrior claim that our homeless are "homegrown" and that we don't have hundreds of homeless moving to Portland constantly to take advantages of the services (often with a bus ticket bought and paid for by their prior town). Which means that no matter how many services, shelters, or beds we provide, it's very likely there will always be a significant number of homeless in our city so the problem will not be "solved" by the city because it is, frankly, a national problem that needs a national response.

Portland and its taxpayers should certainly fund a particular level of shelters and services, as that is the right thing to do, but it shouldn't be our burden to continually funnel endless amounts of money to solve a national problem. Our legislators should come up with a target number of people sheltered relative to Portland's overall population, and then start cracking down on new entrants to the system to discourage this cycle from continuing indefinitely.
Location location location. I almost miss the trolls who want to turn the clock back to 1830 — on occasion their shit-flinging was almost creative and poignant.

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