In Texts to Business Lobby, Mayor's Office Pledged to Dramatically Increase Portland's No-Sit Sidewalks

"Whatever It Takes," Mayor Ted Wheeler Wrote Last Year, After Columbia Threatened to Pull Out of Downtown


Jesus Christ sitting on a butt plug, Sarah Armstrong, it's not "businesses versus the homeless," it's every single citizen who wants to be able to actually walk down the sidewalks we all pay for without having to step into traffic because someone pitched a sidewalk-spanning tent, or laid out a massive blanket. Or every single citizen who wants to be able to walk down the sidewalk without being harassed, or barked at by someone's unleashed dog.

The businesses simply have Wheeler's ear because he knows the City needs their tax revenue - us regular citizens don't have Wheeler's ear because he is too busy pandering to the loud, screaming activist crowd who drowns out the voices of everyone else in this city who would like to have some input into how things are run.

It's quite possible to both have compassion for the homeless and also insist on maintaining a functional city.