Hall Monitor: The Relo War Approaches

Landlords and Tenant Groups Are Gearing Up for Their Biggest Skirmish Yet.


So the PTU assholes think they have a permanent, unfettered right to live in someone else's primary, personal residence for life and/or thousands of dollars in relocation just by virtue of signing a month-to-month rental agreement? Am I getting this right? Because that is the exemption they are attacking.

Racist grifter Margot Black torched her own personal credit, and will never be able to buy a house for herself, so she's apparently on a mission to just take someone else's house by fiat. I'm half tempted to launch a Kickstarter to give her landlord the relocation fee required to kick her ass out, and then good luck to her trying to find anyone else who would rent to her and her crappy, racist, and perpetually unemployed husband Sammy.