Hall Monitor: Lawsuit Roundup Time!

Lots of Local Elected Officials Are Getting Sued! Here’s a Rundown.


The city is taking down controversial youtube videos of city council meetings. If you go to the city's youtube channel entire meetings and council days are comp etely go ne. I know they have been removed versus simply not being recorded or posted because council meetings I have watched have dissapeared from the channel. As I said, its only the meetings and days that were most controversial that were removed. Is this legal for a city to do with their public youtube channel?

The Mercury should look into this.
Check out today's article from the WSJ

"For Starters, Millennials Running City Hall Want to Banish the Word Millennial"

Local governments in Charlotte, N.C., and elsewhere get a youthful makeover. Newly elected ‘agents of destruction’ push live-streamed meetings and podcasts on municipal issues