With a Sit-In and Demands, St. Johns Students Spark Change

St. Johns Is Gentrifying, and Roosevelt High’s Students Are Paying the Price


one student received an eviction notice two weeks ago -- unintended consequence of the City Council's punitive action taken against small-time owners of single family rentals?
Great, so now it's somehow a sinister racist agenda on the part of all us whites in Portland to displace people of color? Because we all have a hotline to Trump, and directly impact his policies, or whatever similar non-factual bit of Inverse Apartheid bullshit culture-jamming these dunderheads believe? This is how you imbeciles make a better world, is it?

Black Lives Mattered to me when they were fighting racist police brutality and a crooked and prejudiced justice/penal system. But, they stopped mattering to me when it was clear that Only Non-White Lives Really Matter.

Because I guarantee you plenty of white folk also had to move out for the exact same reasons. But, it only matters when it happens to people who aren't white. Which is why I now live in conflict with the black and Latino people I used to get along with; not because I'm racist or rich — I'm just tired of being slandered and overlooked.
It's really weird that the author would capitalize 'LatinX' and 'Black' but not 'white.'