News Mar 28, 2018 at 4:00 am

Will a 16-Story Building Help a Crowded Downtown?


How is Guardian Real Estate not blacklisted after fucking over our east-side river skyline?!? Fuck me over once shame on me, fuck me over twice... :face palm: Shed apathy and leave a public comment to our elected city council for the sake of our fair city. Tell them to “DON’T ALLOW GUARDIAN REAL ESTATE TO CONTINUE DEVOPMENT IN PORTLAND EVER AGAIN!” Call (503) 823-4086.
Catchism—we need more housing in Old Town BADLY. Especially market-rate housing. And retail. This development will help Portland's Old Town, and help Portland become a REAL CITY. We don't have room to build out, so we have to start thinking about building UP.
I operate a small business in Old Town, and I welcome more apartments and small businesses. I've had to contend with junkies and various forms of vice for years down here, and I can't see any downside to cleaning the district up. This block has been a parking lot forever, and I do not see how adding commercial development will harm the neighborhood. It will bring me more business for sure.
for a woman i can tell you walking in oldtown is really threatening especially at night. unfortunately i have no choice due to my job. so this is actually very good news to me.
Raise the limit. Build it. Fritz can fuck her own face, look at San Francisco for what happens to housing prices when a city gets too precious about preserving everything in the name of "historic." Rome is historic. Portland as a city is barely over 150 years old. Saltzman knows what's up, hopefully Fish does the right thing and doesn't cave with a raft of excuses like he did on another recent building approval vote. Eudaly is too dumb to understand anything, so hopefully the right people shout loud enough in her ear that she can look up from her cell phone for long enough to vote the right way.

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