News Apr 18, 2018 at 4:00 am

The newest privately-funded solution to homelessness leaves many unanswered questions

Kenneth Huey


The shelter will never happen, and the worst is still ahead of us.
Homer Williams is a smart man, but he doesn't know anything about homelessness. His ideas are half-baked, yet when he talks, the City listens.

Andy Miller is a smart man who knows a lot about homelessness. The City needs to listen to him more and to Homer and his friends a lot less.
Funny, Euphonius, Andy Miller's solution is essentially "way more housing," which is the very position you continually attack me for holding in the comments sections of all these housing price and homelessness articles.
The author of this article really leaves us all hanging by not expanding on the martial law paragraph. What specifically did Williams say about this?
Jeybus wept... Is the author getting his Info from his predecessor 'Dirk Van I listen only to celebrity homeless advocates' for this story.

Can we get some half-decent journalism in here please without this utterly biased piece of shite to keep the whack-jobs wet?
And who are you again?
I believe Mr. Williams was misquoted. I have heard him speak, and he talks about the Marshall Plan - not Martial Law...There is a really big difference for goodness sake.
So, the Marshall Plan was a help to the BRD, etc. after the war. Do you plan on the U.S. Government pouring a ton of money in to every city that has a homeless problem? (in spite of what some thing, Portland is not the only city that has one)
I think that he was talking about martial law, not the Marshall Plan. the Feds already give what they consider a ton of money to the states/cities, good luck getting trump and company to give more.
The perfect is (still) the enemy of the good.
Extraordinary assertions require extraordinary proof.

Before going to press with news that an influential person advocated imposing a military dictatorship, getting a confirmation of the quote would have been a good idea.
I rest my case on shoddy journalism with the misquote .. again the eagerness to get the extreme base excited, got the better of the author. My advice, go have coffee with Katie Shepherd from the Willamette and ask her for a few pointers on thoughtful, multidimensional journalism.
"Portland’s Homeless Advocates are Hesitant to Support a New Shelter" I'm a Homeless Advocate and I support Homer and Harbor of Hope 100%. I guess referencing two Advocates is a quorum. I wasn't asked for my opinion. PS - every Advocate that knows their stuff and is involved in sustainable and realistic measures, supports these efforts. Really, really, poor form here Merc.
Hahahaha!!!! MARTIAL LAW -- ooooops, Marshall Plan. The Mercury will believe anything. Tell us, dear "grassroots activists," what is your will for Portland's homeless/houseless citizens? It's clear that you won't endorse anything less than your dreamscape, so what is that, exactly? Please submit a plan with sketches, cost estimates, and the names of accountable people who will run it. Oh -- that's not what you do. Where's the fun in that?
Not surprising. "Homeless advocates" make their living off of government money. Williams is cutting into their revenue stream.
The only problem with development is it doesn’t happen fast enough. It leaves open plots of land for vagrant camps. Maybe some of them will sleep in the cozy outdoor sitting area of William’s Residence Inn. The building rendering is missing the junk filled shopping carts of those who are transitioning. The Post Office redevelopment just can’t happen fast enough!
What we really need is mental health treatment AND affordable housing. Is giving someone a place to live without mental health services going to matter? Many of them have addiction and mental health issues. Aah -- if Reagan hadn't closed down all our hospitals maybe we would have never ended up here.…

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