Since we aren't going to solve the problem of racism amongst Transit Police anytime soon the right solution is to just take the entire system fareless. This could be done using a nominal utility fee for all residents. Corvallis did this a few years ago and saw a 50% increase in transit ridership, that is what we call a Win/Win.
We already have that fee. It's a payroll tax for Trimet. It's what pays for the majority of the system.
Clearly the ACLU is hanging on Ana's status. Not the fact that this case is fucking humiliating to Latinos by claiming Latinos are too dumb to remember their fucking name. Being of any race, does not make it any more or less difficult to remember your name. This case is literally being based on the notion that Latinos are too unintelligent to remember their own goddamn name!! State and city police are bad in Oregon. They are almost always totally biased. All the more reason a person of color would remember their own God dammn name!! This is the second time I have ever questioned the ACLU. The other time was when they were against requiring treatment for arrested drug addicts in Multnomah. They took that stance around 4 to 5 years ago.
New Portland Mercury drinking game: for any article on someone with a vaguely latin name, take a shot for each time they use "latinx".

If it's capitalized (why???), take two.
But really, this is just so fucking stupid. For personal reasons I go by my middle name instead of my first, and have for decades, but have never bothered to get it legally changed. Many people don't even know that it isn't my first name, and I cannot even recall the last time I was addressed by my legal first name. This is not so uncommon in catholic communities (including, but not limited to, latinos) where most people have at least one more name than the typical WASP. Yet, I have never once "forgotten" my legal name when asked it in an official context/form/etc. Why should any official functionary (police, etc.) have to care what you call yourself or how you identify? They just need to check that your paper matches up. FFS.

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