Idiots clashing with idiots at great taxpayer expense.


Can we please stop with the euphemisms? White supremacist nazi wannabes aka delusional, deranged, dangerous animals (not patriot prayers, WHAT THE FUCK IS A PATRIOT PRAYER?) fight with normal, non-delusional, non-deranged, non-dangerous people who believe fascism has no place in our society.


The phrasing here is fascinating. Stating that police action from last year has been questioned and challenged, then saying the police arrived in full head to toe riot gear, and then immediately violence occurred suggests that the police were responsible for the violence? I get that the writer really, really doesn't like cops. Anyone who's read her work does, but this is stretch even for her.

How is it unreasonable for cops to wear riot gear at an actual riot? This idea that cops need to receive injuries (that local writers will poo-poo as insignificant and part of the job anyway) before they take any aggressive action is really a gross misunderstanding of how actual humans and violence work. Sure, I know some very nice people who would genuinely allow themselves to be injured before they even thought about defending themselves, but none of them have ever faced actual violence, and no one in their right mind would put those people in charge of defending anything anyway. Real violence just isn't like that. It's like what the videos of the riots show: un-choreographed, unpredictable, ugly, and featured the winner mostly outnumbering or sneaking up on the loser.


I think it's important to note that 75% of the 40-50 people that showed up for Joey Gibson's band of white nationalists and anti-Muslims/anti-Gay bigots spent the prior week stating unequivocally online that they were coming to provoke violence.

Once they were sent home, the reveled in the violence they started once they got here, despite the Proud Boys having been physically removed from Portland, Notably with Allen Puckett stating unequivocally that he punched and kicked an unarmed, gay man (as caught on video) because he hated the kid for being gay.

There's no excuse for these people being allowed to continue their anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic marches while stating very clearly that there is a conspiracy to do violence and bring these to marches to Portland

These are the seeds of pogroms. Period.

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